Eli Dupree's avatar, a smiling face with a wizard's hat as a broken version of the 'male' and 'female' symbols.

Hi! I'm Eli Dupree!

I write a blog, of which you can read the most recent posts or read in chronological order from the beginning.

You might be especially interested in my neurodiversity manifesto;
I also write a lot about gender, age and ageism, visual art, writing, sex and sexuality, computer programming, and lots of other things.

I also write comics! You can read:
A panel from People Are Wrong Sometimes
The People Are Wrong Sometimes characters in a tense moment.
A panel from A Couple Of Badass Superheroes
A Couple Of Badass Superheroes strike a pose.
People Are Wrong Sometimes, a (serious) graphic short story that I wrote January 2011;
A Couple of Badass Superheroes, a (silly) short comic that I wrote September-December 2011;
Voldemort's Children, my ongoing Harry Potter fanfic graphic novel, which updates daily is on hiatus until at least May 2013.

You can keep up with my comics and blog with this handy page that shows my latest comic and blog stream on the same page.
The first page of Not What I Am lying at an angle
I also write prose! You can read:
Not What I Am, a novella that I wrote March-May 2011;
I've also written a lot of short stories, which I ought to put online at some point.
I also write games! You can play:
The Lasercake icon, an image of a laser cutting a cake that is also the Earth. Lasercake, an open-world game about the environment.

Hexy Bondage, a sexual board game for two or more players.

A simple online game where you fly around in some green caves.

I also have a (currently fairly empty) store on Zazzle, where you can buy cool things I design.

You might like to know that I'm aromantic, neurodivergent, kinky, generally-perceived-as-white, adult, able-bodied, agendered, CAMAB, non-religious, non-spiritual, and friendly. My preferred pronoun is 'ze', and I try to be an ally to people who experience oppressions I don't.

You can contact me at eli(AT sign)elidupree.com.