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verbal abuse
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A comic page; if you've enabled transcripts in the top bar, there is one below.
The page is still a split frame.

On the left side:
Luna and Draco kill Millicent Bulstrode and Charles Warrington, leaving only Blaise Zabini alive. Zabini raises zir wand.
ZABINI: Fiendfyre! { Spoken as a spell incantation, in huge, jagged letters. }
A bright flame with blackness at its core appears at the tip of Zabini's wand.
LUNA: Hello, Blaise! Nice fire!
ZABINI: You like it, freak? I'm the only one here who can control it. So you're not going to kill me... Not unless Malfoy wants you to kill his whole House... we're not far from the dormitories... They'll be asleep... So I've got all the time I want here with you... I suppose Malfoy told you all about us. Well, let me tell you... You lot deserved everything we gave you. Weaklings... Mudbloods... Blood traitors... Freaks...
DRACO: Zabini, don't you dare! I'll– I'll–
Zabini smiles.
ZABINI: Is that a threat I hear? From Malfoy the deserter? You screamed like a little Muggle when we came for you...
Draco is pointing zir wand at Zabini angrily, and crying.
ZABINI: And... you! I'm not even going to dirty my lips with your name–
LUNA: I'm okay with whatever you want to say about me!
ZABINI: Well, you– You're–
Zabini swings zir wand towards Luna; the fire streaks brightly, and it becomes clear that dark creature-like shapes are forming in it.

On the right side of the page:
The portraits of former Headmasters and Headmistresses start yelling at Harry.
PORTRAIT 1: How dare you!
PORTRAIT 2: Attacking the Headmaster! It's a –
PAST HARRY: Shut up!
PORTRAIT 3: You should be ashamed!
PORTRAIT 4: No student of mine ever–
PAST HARRY: Shut up or I'll burn you all!
PORTRAIT 3: Ungrateful child!
PORTRAIT 2: Have you forgotten all the good Dumbledore has done you?
PAST HARRY: Incendio! Incendio! Incendio! { The incantation for the Fire-Making Spell. }
The office is engulfed in bright flames. The portraits burn. The devices on the side table fall and go to pieces. Amid the flames, Harry turns zir wand back towards Dumbledore.
Voldemort's Children — Page 81 — First | Latest | Archive | Transcript on: turn off (requires Javascript) | Home

I've mentioned Zabini's gender before. By the way, Zabini is binary and cis, and all of the other characters recognize zem unambiguously as zir actual gender.