About Eli

What's important to me

I am compelled to invent stories, and sometimes I write them as prose or comics. I enjoy figuring out how things work, then messing with them. I produce a lot of imagination, music, and philosophical thoughts. I like to design and play games. I use computers for most of the things I do.

The world can be a pretty awful place. My main objective is to make the world a good place. If the world becomes a good place, I win. If it stays awful until the end of all sentient life, I lose.

I'm somewhere on the autism spectrum, and my brain has a bunch of uncommon traits besides that. It's mostly awesome. I have a lot of mental abilities that most people don't.

Other details

A few of my mental traits can be disabling (e.g. oversensitivity to noise and other sensations), so I do consider myself a “person with a disability”, but I don't think of my autism as a disability overall.

I'm agender. I've never felt female or male, not even a little bit. I prefer for people to refer to me by gender-neutral pronouns and other terms. People often assume I'm male, which annoys me, but it doesn't annoy me much more than any other time that people are wrong about something.

I grew up on the Internet. Physically, I grew up in a suburban town in the US Northeast. I was raised by parents who nurtured most of my interests. I went to high-quality public schools, where many of the adults (and some children) mistreated me for my autistic traits and gender expression.

I have a hand injury that limits how much I can type. I do most of my work using speech recognition software if I can.

I'm not religious. I'm middle-class. I'm white. I have no romantic or sexual attraction to people of any gender, but I do have sexual desires.

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