Ravelling Wrath

Rinn Akatura has never really cared about the gods, any more than she cares about "obeying school rules" or "being nice to jerks". But when she – and her girlfriend Yali – are chosen to represent the gods in the Ravelling, they get caught up in a decades-old conflict they could never have imagined.

In the magical Otherworld, the Blood God enters Rinn's mind and turns her very emotions into a battlefield, leaving her torn between her love for Yali and an ancient enmity that brings them almost (but not quite) to the brink of death. Can she find a new kind of strength before the Blood God's wrath consumes her?

[210000 words]
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Not What I Am

An out-of-place middle schooler tries to find zir way in the world. [16300 words]
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Time Travelers and How to Kill Them: a Practical Guide

A fictional book written in a world with many forms of time travel. [12200 words]
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The 23 Days Cult

What if Light Yagami, from Death Note, was both smart and good? (Everything is explained for people who don't know Death Note.) [11200 words]
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Finally, I share additional story ideas on my blog when they are clever enough to be worth sharing, but not compelling enough that I want to write them up in full.