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TITLE: A Couple of Badass Superheroes, In: "Shooting People Is A Good Idea"!!!

Two superheroes stand around. On the left is Jeva, a grinning short person with big hair and a katana. On the right is Sam, a taller, more serious-looking person holding up a revolver. Both of them would probably read as female to most viewers.

SAM (thinking): I'm still not totally sold on glamorizing gun violence...

Jeva and Sam sneak along a corridor.

NARRATION: Unaware that their story begins in medias res, our intrepid heroes continue their journey into the lair of Tritia the Devourer!

JEVA: What's the matter?

SAM: Around the corner. Two armed guards. And a three armed guard. If Tritia finds out we're here, she'll just run and send her flying jellyfish ninjas to fight us again. Like last time.

JEVA: Whooo boy! Let's re-enginner the equipment from the other room into a neuroscience laboratory and make sleep-inducing airborne neurotoxins that only affect them and not us! Wait, better idea! Those lizardy dudes are vulnerable to cold, so we can just go back and get the books we found when we had to kill all those ice wizards wh...

SAM: New plan, I just shoot them with my spare triple-shot tranquilizer ammo.

Sam does that. The guards all fall asleep.



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Without further ado, a comic!

I don't know how long this is actually going to run; I was originally planning four pages, but I keep having new ideas! It's very easy to come up with new ideas for a story as ridiculous as A Couple of Badass Superheroes is shaping up to be.

The original reason I'm writing this is because I need practice writing in this graphical format. So I decided to tell a ridiculous story, because if I tell a serious story, I end up being way too perfectionistic about it and take lots of time getting the details right, when what I really need to do is just to write a lot of stuff. It took me 5-6 hours to draw this page, which isn't terrible or anything, but I want to get a lot faster than that. And if I was writing a serious story, I'd want to hold off on posting it until I had a new, nicer system for displaying webcomics. (With the current setup, they'll display in backwards order once I've written all of them, which is annoying. I'll have to come up with a better system...)

Of course, the other reason I'm writing it is that Jeva and Sam (if you didn't read the transcript, those are the heroes' names – Jeva is the one with the katana) are super awesome and badass, and if I don't draw this comic, I'll be the only one who can enjoy how awesome they are.

Anyway! My schedule is pretty random right now, so I don't know when I'm going to write the next page, but I'm hoping it'll be within the week! Look forward to it!

– Eli

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