Chalk pastel on white paper.

Another way to “bring meaning to empty spaces” is to put an empty space where the viewer knows something should be. In this case, the viewer knows that there's supposed to be a reflection in the water.

I made the hand dark brown so that it would make the most vivid contrast with the sky and water. If you want that to symbolize something else, like black people not seeing their real life stories reflected in the mainstream media, that's cool too.

Making the watery reflections was fun. First, I drew the blue sky on the blank page. Then, I drew both versions of the trees/sleeve, so that the upper versions are drawn over the blue sky. Then, I took a white chalk pastel and dragged it horizontally over the lower versions, smudging them and creating the ripple effect. I didn't have to purposefully draw a single ripple myself.

Approximate readability: 7.04 (682 characters, 155 words, 10 sentences, 4.40 characters per word, 15.50 words per sentence)