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The title is in a thought bubble. The thought continues: ...even about things they should know closely. I don't like it when people are wrong.

The thought bubble is coming from Ilse. Ilse is drawn with simple shapes, straight lines, and sharp corners. Most of the page is black-and-white. The only color is a bright red item worn by Ilse. Sometimes the item is a sash, sometimes it is a shoulder pad, and sometimes it is a bracelet. In the first image, where Ilse is thinking, Ilse has closed eyes and a slight frown. Usually, none of Ilse's facial features are drawn.

Ilse closes a door behind zem.

ILSE (thinking): I'm glad I'm out of there.

Ilse begins walking away.

ILSE (thinking): Fuckin' parties.

LUCIA (yelling from off-page): ILSE!

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