Ravelling Wrath, chapter 4: Discussion

If you haven't read Ravelling Wrath, chapter 4 yet, you might want to do that before reading further.

I originally intended for this chapter and the next one to be a single chapter. It was going to go all the way up until they enter the Otherworld. But then the last three scenes ended up being way longer than I expected, so I split them off as a whole chapter of their own.

The same thing happened with the original chapter 2. So the original chapters (1, 2, 3) became (1, [2 and 3], [4 and 5]). And even AFTER splitting, chapters 2 and 3 are each twice as big as Chapter 1. So for two chapters I had expected to be the same size, one of them ended up being four times as big as the other!

For a lot of writers, that wouldn't be too surprising. Writing can be a long ramble where you discover new things. But I like to have a clear structure for my stories and figure out exactly what I'm doing. So this was something that hasn't happened to me before.

Then again, I've never written something this long before, either. So maybe I simply didn't have the experience that would have let me guess exactly how long something would be when it was already Very Long. As I write these notes, I haven't begun chapter 6 yet, so we'll see whether I get better at guessing in the future.

Approximate readability: 5.69 (988 characters, 246 words, 15 sentences, 4.02 characters per word, 16.40 words per sentence)