It Was All A Dream: Discussion

If you haven't read It Was All A Dream yet, you might want to do that before reading further.

I originally had the idea for this story months ago. I was thinking about how a lot of stories end by revealing that the whole first part was an illusion, or a metaphor, or ultimately meaningless or arbitrary. Or that all of the events had been manipulated by a villain beyond the scope of what the main characters could do anything about.

It generally doesn't make for a satisfying ending. But when I realized just how many different ways of doing this there were, I couldn't resist writing this parody.

As an unrelated note, the first time I said “robed skeleton”, my speech-to-text software misheard it as “robot skeleton”. That can be a headcanon if you want.

Approximate readability: 7.64 (599 characters, 138 words, 8 sentences, 4.34 characters per word, 17.25 words per sentence)