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GRANGER: Good evening, Harry. I have given much thought to your story since I was last here. One thing puzzles me: What changed your mind? When did you turn, from the child who would attack his closest friend for even suggesting a Dark path, to–

Granger and Tonks are standing in front of the window to Harry's cell, once again questioning zem. In the cell, Harry has an image of Voldemort (still with zir face visible) standing over zem. Voldemort is covering Harry's mouth. They speak in unison as they did on [TW: physical bullying] page 9.

HARRY AND VOLDEMORT: No. Enough. I've told you far too much already.

GRANGER: You are not worried that no one will know your story?

HARRY AND VOLDEMORT: It's better if they don't. There's no reason for me to afflict even one more person with what I know.

GRANGER: Then perhaps I will, instead, tell you my story.

TONKS {whispering to Granger}: Granger, what are you doing?

GRANGER {whispering back}: Harry is strongly affected by even the simplest shows of respect. If I open up to him, he will feel obligated to open up to me. Seal the room so that we can't be overheard; I trust you, but not everyone should know what I will say now.

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Granger could also lie, I suppose, and give a mostly fictional account of zir past. That would be less nice for the reader, though. And, although Granger has practiced a wide variety of skills, I don't think “telling elaborate lies” is among them.

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