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This page is divided into eight panels.

Panel 1: The trees and lake are still visible. Moody, facing away from Granger, looks back over zir shoulder.

MOODY: I'll do it. Are you ready?

Panel 2: Granger, looking determined, is set against an empty background.

PAST GRANGER: I am ready.

The next three panels are very angular and slant upwards across the page.

Panel 3: Moody casts the torture curse at Granger; the whole panel is filled with its orange light. Granger is still standing, head bowed, wand held at zir side.

MOODY: Crucio.

Panel 4: Granger falls to zir knees in pain from the curse.

Panel 5: Granger pulls up zir wand, blocking the curse with a shield.

Panel 6: The shield hovers between Granger and Moody.

PAST GRANGER: Is the spell supposed to leave me enough concentration to cast a shield–

Panel 7: Close-up of Granger's face, looking somewhat angry.

PAST GRANGER: –or did you hold back on me?

Panel 8: Close-up of Moody's face. Ze looks astonished.

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Is Moody shocked that Granger caught zem being a softie, or is ze shocked that Granger is badass enough to cast spells while being tortured at full power? Or something else entirely?

This is the second false dichotomy Granger has made in two pages. Does that mean that Granger cares more about rhetorical effectiveness than about logic?

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