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LUNA: Professor Binns told us to read this. Isn't it fascinating?

Luna tries to hand Harry a large book.

PAST HARRY: I can't read that well.

LUNA: Oh. Oh! Membrana relecto! { Spoken as a spell. It's not a canon spell. The incantation "membrana relecto" is bad Latin for "re-read this parchment" or maybe "with this parchment having been re-read". }

The book starts to read itself aloud, in a voice similar to Luna's.

BOOK: The Great Discontinuity was a catastrophic temporal event coincidi...

LUNA: That spell repeats the voice of the last person who read the book aloud! My mum invented it to keep me busy when I was younger. She was a great experimenter, you know. Then she died! Isn't it funny how things happen?

PAST HARRY: My mum and dad were killed by Voldemort too.

LUNA: It wasn't Voldemort...

PAST HARRY: Oh... I didn't think...

LUNA: You could've aske–

Luna is interrupted by an image of Uncle Vernon yelling "Don't ask questions" at Harry.

We see Lun and Harry sitting together, looking at the book that is still reading itself.

LUNA: Are you sad about it? About your folks dying?

BOOK: ...ith the defeat of Lord Voldemort. Claims of events "at the same time as" his death span up to six years in either direction, according to Ministry Common Time...

PAST HARRY: Not really... I was one year old when it happened. I don't remember or feel anything about it.


LUNA: Cool! Other people say I'm weird because I'm not sad about it. But being sad was too tiring so I stopped.

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What does Luna mean when ze says “being sad was too tiring so I stopped”? Lots of people in real life find it very tiring to be sad, and would love to stop, but can't.

Luna's description doesn't quite let us understand what happened. Ze's only trying to explain what ze felt as well as ze can. It's hard to describe subjective experiences, especially when your language evolved in a neurelitist society that assumes human emotions are universal.

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