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The right half of this image is the title:


Seats of Influence

The left half is a complicated metaphorical image. Albus Dumbledore is sitting in a plain chair; behind zem, Voldemort is standing, putting one hand on Dumbledore's shoulder. Dumbledore has a long gray/white beard and wears purple robes. Both of them have the top halves of their heads concealed in shadow, and Dumbledore has the same flat expression that Voldemort always has. Voldemort's wand, as we've seen before, is nearly white; Dumbledore's is nearly black. Both Dumbledore and Voldemort are pointing their wands downwards, working together to conjure an elliptical pool of magical energy, which is half Dumbledore's characteristic color and half Voldemort's. The pool is also divided into three parts by a spiral design, and the three sections are occupied by tiny versions of Harry, Draco, and Luna. Luna is sitting in a plain chair, looking serene; Harry is sitting in a very jagged chair that must be painful to sit in; Draco is lying on zir back next to a chair that has broken in half, and looks slightly panicked.

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It took me all day to come up with the right visual metaphor to use here, but I did it! Feel free to analyze the crap out of this image.

I don't know if Dumbledore's wand is the Elder Wand. It doesn't matter in this story.

The triskelion on the floor definitely isn't the BDSM emblem (parts of linked page NSFW); BDSM is consensual by definition, and the relationships between these characters... aren't. So I deliberately made the arms spiral in the opposite direction from the emblem.

Approximate readability: 5.41 (381 characters, 87 words, 7 sentences, 4.38 characters per word, 12.43 words per sentence)