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PRESENT HARRY: He kept me there for a long time, talking at me. I don't want to remember much of what he said. He could have expelled me for what I did to Goyle. He didn't. Nothing I could do would change where he wanted to put me.

Dumbledore stands over Harry. The phrases ze's saying angle radially into Harry's head. Harry is covering zir ears and has zir eyes closed tightly.

DUMBLEDORE: No one regrets more than I ... One day you will understand ... No one can change the past ... It pains me to have to tell you ...

PRESENT HARRY: After he let me leave, I swore to myself that I would kill him. But I couldn't. I had no power. My rage was useless. { pause } I stopped caring. { pause } I didn't talk much for the rest of that year. Not even to Luna. I told her everything at first, but after that I couldn't talk to her without thinking of it again. I wanted to forget.

Another scene. Luna looks towards Harry with concern. Harry is facing away from Luna, with a flat expression on zir face. The next line is drawn right in the middle of the scene:

PRESENT HARRY: Just finish this meaningless course he put me on, and forget.

PRESENT HARRY: But as I returned for my third year, things began to change...

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“This meaningless course he put me on” is pretty fancy language, for Harry.

It makes sense that Harry's vocabulary is rather idiosyncratic. Ze was barely able to read before entering Hogwarts, but then started reading lots of wizard books (using Luna's spell). And wizard books tend to be... sesquipedalian.

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