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PRESENT HARRY: I was in Snape's office a day later for my first Legilimency lesson for that year.

Harry and Snape are in Snape's office. Each is standing next to a chair, and there is a desk between them. Harry is looking towards Snape, but Snape is looking in the other direction.

SNAPE: I cannot help but observe that you have been using Legilimency on one of my students, in the unsubtle manner I have come to expect of you, Potter. Of course, I cannot stop you. But you must understand that there will be trouble if the public learns that we are allowing you to violate their children's minds. In this case, I believe it will go unreported where it has not gone unnoticed, but you must learn to be more subtle.

Snape turns and points to a chair.

SNAPE: Sit down. We will proceed as usual. You will attempt to read my memories; I will attempt to resist you.

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Past Harry doesn't talk very often.

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