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SNAPE: Tell me. What did you see?

PAST HARRY: Potter... James Potter... he was hexing you... with his friends... and that girl... my mother...

SNAPE: What did I say?

PAST HARRY: Uh... you asked me what I saw...

SNAPE: In the memory, Potter. What did I say while your father was hexing me?

PAST HARRY: You didn't say much. Just "thanks, Evans" there at the end.

SNAPE { angrily }: Then you saw nothing, because I modified that memory! You only saw what I wanted you to see. Subtlety, Potter. Subtlety!

Harry doesn't seem to be intimidated by Snape.

PAST HARRY: But I learned this too: You showed me that because you think I'm a proxy for James Potter. You're stupid. He means nothing to me.

SNAPE: How can you say such a thing about your own father?

PAST HARRY: YOu taught me how to dig through memories. You didn't tell me it would work on my own memories... but I had a lot of time to dig, this summer. And I found something I'd thought was buried forever.

We enter a narrative frame in which Harry describes a memory ze dug up. In the memory are Lily and James, with Harry, as a baby, in a cradle nearby. The scene is lit sharply by a candle lantern. By its light, Lily is grimly studying a large book. Lily is sitting in a chair while doing this; behind zem, James looks on with concern. James's appearance is relatively clean, while Lily's is relatively unkempt.

JAMES: You're not seriously still looking up spells.

LILY { without looking up from the book }: Put a sock in it. This one could be useful.

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In the last two pages, Snape conveniently left out the parts where ze swore at James and called Lily a “filthy little Mudblood”.

On an unrelated note, Harry knows the word “proxy” because spellbooks use it a lot.

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