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Past Harry has leapt up onto the table where Luna is standing.

PAST HARRY: You're mad! The Dark Lord killed my parents! I'll never be a Dark Lord, never!

Harry shoves Luna with one hand. One leg of the table cracks under them. Harry's other hand is swung back, as if ze's about to punch Luna.

PRESENT HARRY: I was a fool... now I rue every day I delayed the moment when we would be joined together as equals.

Harry, Luna, and a silhouetted figure stand in a circle, raising their wands to conjure a three-way yin-yang shape. Their faces are blank.

PRESENT HARRY: I know you have not caught her. You never will. She has powers even I don't know about. She will rescue me, Granger. She is coming, even as we speak, and there's nothing you can do to stop her!

The narrative frame of present Harry describing the past closes. In the interrogation room, a green fire springs up in a nearby fireplace, and a silhouetted shape appears in the fireplace. Green smoke floats into the room. Granger and Tonks face the fireplace, wands drawn.

TONKS: What the–

GRANGER: Protego! { The incantation of the Shield Charm. }

A hemispherical shield appears between Granger and the fireplace.

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Thus ends Chapter Three, “Seats of Influence”.

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