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The page is still a split frame. This time, the split curves from left to right, so the right side is mostly at the top of the page and the left side is mostly at the bottom of the page.

On the right side:

PRESENT HARRY: And now the moment had come... The moment to bring and end to this all...

The room is a fiery haze. Harry and Dumbledore are silhouettes.

DUMBLEDORE: Harry... I'm... sorry...

HARRY: Avada Ke– Avada–

The first few letters of the incantation glow like casting a spell, but then the glow disappears. Harry looks down at Dumbledore, anguished.

On the left side of the page:

LUNA: You can't put out that fire you've started, can you.

ZABINI: Did I say I would?

Luna pulls Draco back as Zabini throws the Fiendfyre on the ground. It erupts into a giant mass of eyeless, fire-wreathed monsters between Zabini and the others. Zabini grins maniacally.

ZABINI: Run while you can. I'm not going to give you the satisfaction of seeing me die.

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There's also a symbolic reason why you will not see Zabini die. Much like with Voldemort, the forces that Zabini represents do not die with zem. (And, like with Voldemort, Zabini really does die. This isn't one of those things where five episodes later it turns out that they had a secret escape route all along.)

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