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DRACO: Th... they're dead... they're really all dead...

Draco starts crying. Harry hugs Draco, who continues crying in zir arms.

DRACO: And I can't go back... they'll know it was me...

LUNA: Um, probably, they'll think you're dead with the others. But yeah, no going back.

At some later time, Draco sends a message by owl to Lucius Malfoy, saying "I am alive. Tell no one."

The narrative frame of present Harry describing the past closes. Percy Weasley pokes zir head in the door.

PERCY {quietly}: Phew! What a lot of stairs!

PERCY: Granger, the responses are as you expected.

GRANGER: Then it appears that, for now, our time here is at an end.

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Thus ends Chapter Six, “The Purge of Hogwarts.”

Those are the actual Granger and Gryffindor fonts at the end. I finished them earlier today. Since I started making the fonts, this is the first page without any hand-drawn letters.

How have the trio been sending owls to people when they're on the run from the law? There's a bunch of possibilities; I like these two the best:

  • They go in disguise and rent owls from owl-rental places.
  • They have sympathizers who know where they are and send them messages by owl sometimes. They use those owls to send their own messages later.
Approximate readability: 5.68 (455 characters, 104 words, 8 sentences, 4.38 characters per word, 13.00 words per sentence)