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The page is, once again, predominantly dark.

PRESENT DUMBLEDORE: As the other children rushed in from the storm, Tom went to them and hugged them one by one.

We see this happen: A thunderstorm with visible lightning rolls in from the right, chasing three children. Tom hugs each of them, and starts crying in the middle of doing it. Zir face is still hidden by the baseball cap; we only see tears rolling out from under it.

PRESENT DUMBLEDORE: A last moment of painful happiness...

PRESENT DUMBLEDORE: And finally, he turned to me and said, now in the flat, emotionless voice I would come to fear...

Tom stands alone, with a flat expression, and tear trails still visible on the parts of zir face that we can see. Ze speaks in the adult Voldemort's pale green voice, with its rigid straight lines.

TOM: I'm ready.

PRESENT DUMBLEDORE: We took the next train for London; there would be paperwork for the Muggle bureaucracy, but I had asked Minerva to check in with Mrs Cole later to put everything in order.

We see a train, which is quite unlike the Hogwarts Express; it is blocky and (relatively) modern. An owl is flying to catch up to it, carrying a piece of parchment.

PRESENT DUMBLEDORE: But as we rode through the countryside, I received an owl from Minerva, indicating that things were not at all in order.

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It's tricky to give Tom facial expressions, or expressiveness in general, when most of zir face is covered. I hope it's clear that ze's crying on this page. (Of course, you also have Dumbledore's narration to give you a sense of what's going on, but Dumbledore is not necessarily a reliable source.)

I was once in a play where the actors wore masks, and the director gave us lots of good tips about how to be expressive without using a face. I think that experience has helped me in writing Voldemort's Children.

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