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Panel: Jeva talking.

JEVA: --ich weakness? I've got loads of weaknesses! If you mean the one where I'm genetically predestined to come up with impractical solutions, I've TOTALLY got that covered!

Panel: Tritia using zir telekinetic powers.

TRITIA: No. Not that weakness.


The floor starts to break apart.

Large panel: Tritia runs away, jumping over the new crevices in the floor. Sam starts to run after zem. Jeva falls to zir knees and yells instead.


SAM: Jeva, what's going on? What weakness is she talking about?

JEVA: Sam, I...

Small panel: Jeva looking mournful.

JEVA: I'm kind of short and I can't jump very far.

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This one took me 2 hours, 8 minutes.

– Eli

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