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Hermione Granger stands in a room labeled "Auror Offices". {The Aurors are elite law enforcement agents.} There are bookshelves along the wall. Granger has zir hair tied back, wears a long dark coat, and has very reserved mannerisms. Nymphadora Tonks enters the room. Tonks is more easygoing than Granger, wears a shorter, lighter coat, and has short spiky pink hair. Tonks's speech is drawn somewhat messily in a mild purple color, and Granger's is more formal and drawn in a mild blue.

TONKS: Granger, you called?

GRANGER: Yes... I will speak with the prisoner – Attend me.

TONKS: I can't get over it...

They go to a long spiral staircase. Tonks walks down the stairs, while Granger flies down by magic, leaving a trail of pure blue magical energy.

TONKS: All those people outside are yelling for his head... and we just go down...

TONKS: and ask him questions.

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