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A partial map of the Ministry of Magic Department of Magical Law Enforcement shows Granger and Tonks descending from the Auror Offices to the Interrogation Cells.

TONKS: I've got everything in order... The prisoner in cell 5...

There's a barred cell door and a window blocked by cyan magic.

TONKS: The truth potion...

There is a table with two bottles of a whitish liquid on it.

TONKS: The warrant to use it...

There are two sheets of paper on the table, with writing on them. One of them has the seal of the Ministry of Magic on it.

GRANGER: You know I don't like to use that unless it is necessary.

TONKS: Better safe than sorry! The glass is just waiting for your tap. Then he can see and hear us.


Granger taps the cell's magical window, and the cyan magic clears away from the middle of the window, so it can be seen through.

GRANGER: And now... Harry Potter...

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If you're a Harry Potter fan, you might be thinking “Aha, ze wrote 'truth potion' for the benefit of people who aren't familiar enough with the series to know the name 'Veritaserum'”. If you're a bigger fan, you might be thinking “But Veritaserum is as clear as water, and that potion isn't!” That's right! The real reason I don't say “Veritaserum” is because this is actually a modified version of Veritaserum that Granger invented. It is similar, but it is unaffected by the most well-known Veritaserum antidote, which is a tactical advantage.

A more cynical person might speculate that Granger invented it to circumvent legal restrictions on the use of Veritaserum, but the law usually refers to truth potions in general, and as the head of the Auror Office, Granger can get the necessary warrants easily.

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