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We see a large image of Hogwarts Castle in relative darkness. It has many towers, but is not adorned or colorful.

At the top is a banner which reads DRACO DORMIENS TITILLARE COACTUS SUM, which is Latin for I am compelled to tickle a sleeping dragon. (The motto of Hogwarts in the original series is Draco dormiens titillandus numquam, which means Never tickle a sleeping dragon.) The Latin verb titillo can also mean provoke or sexually stimulate.

An huge image of Voldemort hovers over the castle, holding puppet strings which attach to the towers, as if the entire castle is Voldemort's puppet.

Hermione Granger is flying on a broomstick over the castle, with zir wand out, shooting some kind of magic in Voldemort's general direction.

Rubeus Hagrid – a huge person, but very small next to the castle – is standing in front of the castle's main doors, awaiting the arrival of the first-years. In front of Hagrid is a large lake. A boat approaches across the lake, propelled by pure blue magic. In the boat are the even smaller figures of Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter, facing away from each other.

TITLE: Chapter Two

TITLE: Castle of Gloss and Fear

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My stylus once drew the windows of this castle. They felt wrong, somehow. Now you see only a blank facade and a sky empty of stars, and although you see the lights reflected in the water, the castle shows no sign of them. Perhaps this is Hogwarts as Harry sees it now – but as for the Hogwarts that an eleven-year-old saw, not knowing what was to come, you will not see it until the very end.

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