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HARRY: Hogwarts was...

We enter a narrative frame in which Harry describes past events.

PRESENT HARRY: Beautiful...

A younger Harry and younger Granger sit in a classroom, along with other students. Harry is staring out a window, where a brightly colored daytime scene is visible. Granger is working dutifully. There are books and papers on the desks, but Harry doesn't have any.

MCGONAGALL: {from off-page} Potter, are you starting out the window again? Two points from Gryffindor, and next time, it will be ten!

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Harry's story returns by choice to look at a time and place where ze chose only to look elsewhere. I enjoyed building this page.

Approximate readability: 4.59 (102 characters, 24 words, 2 sentences, 4.25 characters per word, 12.00 words per sentence)