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The top half of the page is divided into six panels.

Panel 1: Past Granger, standing in the doorway, shoots blue magic beams at Bellatrix.

Panel 2: Bellatrix deflects the beams and blasts back at Granger with orange magic. Granger blocks it with a shield.

Panel 3: Bellatrix continues blasting and jams zir wand close to Granger's shield, but fails to break through it.

Panel 4: Tonks crawls up from the floor and shoots red beams at Bellatrix. Granger hits Bellatrix with a blue-green spell.


Panel 5: Bellatrix starts to Disapparate.

BELLATRIX: You've been lucky this time, Auror. But I know your face. It won't go well for you next time we meet.

Panel 6: Granger alone.

PAST GRANGER: Damn. Disapparated...

PRESENT GRANGER: Lestrange and I did not meet again, however. She died at your hand before we could track her down.

PRESENT HARRY: Sounds like I've done you both a favor.

PRESENT GRANGER: Perhaps you have.

PRESENT TONKS: You're just going to let him say that?! Murder is a favor now?

PRESENT GRANGER: You disagree with him, I assume?


PRESENT GRANGER: Then there is no one here to whom I must prove myself. At the time, nothing could have been further from my mind...

The bottom half of the page is divided into four panels with angular borders.

Panel 1: Past Granger looks at past Tonks with concern.

PAST GRANGER: Are you alright?

PAST TONKS: Yeah, just a little shaken is all.

PAST GRANGER: Cast a Shield Charm.


PAST GRANGER: Just cast it.

Panel 2: Tonks strains to cast the Shield Charm.

PAST TONKS: Protego!

Only fragments of a shield appear.

PAST GRANGER:'re not alright.

Panel 3: A distant top view of the room.

PAST GRANGER: Please rest. The couch is not cursed.

Tonks sits on a couch that was in the room.

PAST GRANGER: I will inform Dawlish. Expecto Patronum. { The incantation of the Patronus Charm, which creates temporarily creates a silvery animal which, if the caster is skilled enough, can be used to deliver messages. }

A silvery dragonfly appears and Granger sends it out through the door.

Panel 4: Tonks smiles weakly and looks up from the couch.

PAST TONKS: d'y'know {do you know} how scary you are sometimes?

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The original design for this page involved Granger fighting some random Dark Wizard, and easily defeating and capturing zem. When the Dark Wizard in question turned out to be Bellatrix friggin' Lestrange, I had to revise that series of events a bit.

If I had more time to spend on this scene, I'd make Bellatrix use the same blue shield that Granger uses, to emphasize how they're both powerful wizards who fight on the same terms. The duel would also have more tension, while they both tried to break through the other's shield, and be less showy, with fewer beams flying around. (Incidentally, I think Granger's opening volley on this page is mainly to distract Bellatrix from Tonks rather than to be an effective attack.) But in a half page, it was simpler and easier to do the “orange vs. blue” thing.

Approximate readability: 9.91 (639 characters, 142 words, 7 sentences, 4.50 characters per word, 20.29 words per sentence)