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PRESENT GRANGER: We finished the job without incident, and Tonks insisted that there was no need to worry on her behalf. But I barely slept that night, hearing her toss and turn on the bed above mine. Intellectually, I was familiar with the psychological aftermath of the Torture Curse; Tonks was not the first of my new companions who had experienced it, and she would not be the last. I had studied both the Muggle and the magical interpretations of trauma. But I fell to wondering:

The page is dominated by a large panel of Granger lying in bed, looking up at the wooden boards that hold up Tonks's bed above zem.

PRESENT GRANGER: Must I be the only one with the power to hold the world at a distance? {pause} Will I always remain safe, while those around me suffer? {pause} So the next morning...

Past Granger hurries down a corridor after Alastor Moody.

PAST GRANGER: Moody? I need to ask something of you. Something no one else will help me with.

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What do you choose to do when you realize how full of horror the world is?

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