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Snape continues talking to the Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore. Dumbledore speaks in a soft, smooth cursive style, in a deep purple color. However, only Snape is visible; Dumbledore and zir office are hidden in shadow.

DUMBLEDORE: Legilimency... that is not a happy power for one so young.

SNAPE: You will allow me to train him, I hope.

DUMBLEDORE: You know Hogwarts has not taught Legilimency since...

SNAPE: And the worse off I have been for it. Do you object to my training the boy?

DUMBLEDORE: I hoped we could spare the poor boy that suffering for a while longer...

SNAPE: Albus! The longer we avoid training him, the more he will discover his abilities on his own, and the more damage he will do to both himself and others!

DUMBLEDORE: I remember like it was yesterday... Myself in Headmaster Dippet's office, telling him of Tom Riddle's uncanny skills... and with the prophecy and the twinned wands, are you not afraid that Harry will grow to become Voldemort's equal? {"Lord Voldemort" is an assumed name; that person was formerly known as Tom Riddle.}

SNAPE: Albus, please...

Snape looks a bit sad. Ze closes zir eyes.

SNAPE: I value your wisdom above all things, but about Tom Riddle, you will never understand.

DUMBLEDORE: That I cannot deny.

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Our first glimpse of Albus Dumbledore...

My version of Snape is not kind, but ze is less petty and mean to Harry than in the books. In the later books, we learned that Snape's real reason for being mean to Harry is that Snape had a grudge against James Potter. But ze also loved Lily Potter. Why would ze see Harry as the child of James, but not the child of Lily?

Maybe it's just because Harry is the same gender as James. In this story, I am trying to make gender roles less important. Maybe my version of Snape assumed that Harry would be like James, but after meeting zem, realized that ze had more in common with Lily.

Approximate readability: 5.15 (486 characters, 120 words, 8 sentences, 4.05 characters per word, 15.00 words per sentence)