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PRESENT HARRY: So my Legilimency lessons begain... finally something I could succeed at among all my failures. I could barely even find my way around the castle...

This page is a partial map of Hogwarts, as an Escheresque network of hallways and impossible staircases. Various doors and passages lead off into darkness at the edges. The hallways aren't colored like wood or stone, but are an unnatural spectrum from deep purple to bright orange. There are little icons of characters scattered around the map: McGonagall; Snape; the trio of Draco, Crabbe, and Goyle; and Peeves the poltergeist.

PRESENT HARRY: And then there were the slowly growing number of hallways I was too afraid to pass...

Some intersections on the map are crossed out with a bright red X mark similar to present Harry's speech.

SNAPE: And the worse off I have been for it. Do you object to my training the boy?

PRESENT HARRY: Shut the hell up. You know the rules.

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How do you draw the moving halls of Hogwarts in a single, non-moving image? It seemed so natural that it should be Escher Castle. You could go upstairs to class and then get lost and go upstairs to get back. Or you could take a wrong turn and go downstairs to the top of a tower, from which you could only return by a long upward climb. Rumor says the castle has its own opinions about who should travel freely and who should be tripped and trapped every step of the way.

Approximate readability: 6.71 (372 characters, 93 words, 5 sentences, 4.00 characters per word, 18.60 words per sentence)