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Granger and Tonks are looking down into Harry's cell.

GRANGER: I'm not here to force tactical information out of you this time, Harry. I just want to learn about you. To understand you.

HARRY: Rubbish! You think you understand me bloody well enough already. Don't think I've forgotten your answer to that speech Fudge made...

We enter a narrative frame in which Harry describes past events. In the past, Harry is sitting with two silhouetted figures, listening to a magical wireless radio.

HARRY: I was on the run then, but I still had a wizarding wireless...

WIRELESS: –terrupt with an important message from the Minister of Magic, I repeat, the Minister of Magic himself will now address–

We enter a narrative frame in which we have a direct view of the Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge, making zir speech. Everything in this narrative frame is black-and-white. Fudge is standing at a podium on a raised platform, addressing an audience of at least 50 people, and probably more that we can't see. Fudge speaks in an excessively formal way.

FUDGE: Witches and wizards of Britain... It is my most regretful duty to inform you of the events of this morning... *ahem*... The notorious killer, Harry Potter, has made an attack on Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

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You know you're reading an Eli Dupree comic when you enter two nested narrative frames on the same page.

Approximate readability: 8.89 (84 characters, 19 words, 1 sentences, 4.42 characters per word, 19.00 words per sentence)