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Fudge continues zir speech. Everything on this page is in black-and-white.

FUDGE: Potter and an unknown number of his allies invaded Hogwarts Castle just after midnight last night, massacring students and releasing Fiendfyre in the Hogwarts dungeon.

FUDGE: The following students are missing and presumed dead, their bodies destroyed in the cursed fire: Millicent Bulstrode, Vincent Crabbe, Daphne Greengrass, Draco Malfoy, Graham Montague, Pansy Parkinson, Charles Warrington, Blaise Zabini.

FUDGE: The headmaster is injured by alive. We will now observe a moment of silence for the deceased.

Time passes in silence, represented by an hourglass in a spiral.

FUDGE: Potter and his allies, whoever they may be, have made themselves the enemy of wizarding society – an enemy such as we have not seen since the downfall of the self-styled Lord Voldemort over ten years ago. The older generations among us remember the name of Harry Potter as our salvation, but today, we have seen that Potter and his allies... are Voldemort's children.

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When Fudge says “The downfall of the self-styled Lord Voldemort”, ze is referring to when Voldemort tried to kill Harry as an infant.

Harry Potter fans will remember Fudge being afraid to say “Voldemort” out loud. In Voldemort's Children, I'm not including the issue of being afraid to say the name. Why not? Because it doesn't add to the themes I'm trying to develop. (By comparison, in Harry Potter, that convention does add to a major theme – namely, the theme of overcoming one's fear. Voldemort's Children sneers at that theme.)

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