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Tonks and Granger face the fireplace, where someone's head is surrounded by green fire; this is the normal way people communicate using the Floo Network. Granger's shield floats between them.

GRANGER: Identify yourself.

FIREPLACE HEAD: No need to shield! Percy Ignatius Weasley, secretary to the Minister. You asked to be reminded that the DMLE senior staff meeting begins in a half-hour. The Minister will attend.

Percy is smiling, but Tonks looks annoyed.

GRANGER: Thank you, Percy. However, this room should not be connected to the Floo Network, as it poses a security risk.

PERCY: I'll notify the relevant authorities immediately.

Granger and Tonks head back up the stairs.

GRANGER: "No need to shield"? Fudge's office doesn't know ours. An Auror shields first and acts surprised later.

TONKS: ...Unless she's an infiltrator and needs her reactions not to give her away. { Tonks is referring to zemself. }

GRANGER: Of course, Tonks.

They reach the top of the stairs. A trail of magical energy indicates that Granger has flown up by magic, the same way ze descended. Tonks has walked.

TONKS: Do you have a lot to do before your meeting?

GRANGER: Just one thing...

Granger starts to pull a Time-Twister from under zir coat; presumably, ze has been wearing it this whole time.

GRANGER: I wouldn't want to disrupt anyone's schedule by wearing this.

TONKS: You still have that thing?

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A cliffhanger that turns out to be something completely banal? Percy Weasley makes life annoying for everyone, including the reader!

Did Granger and Tonks just leave Harry restrained in a cell? Yes, but the Department of Magical Law Enforcement (DMLE) operates on a strict schedule, and there will be other people along shortly to take care of Harry's physical needs.

Also, with this page, Voldemort's Children finally passes the Bechdel test. (The Bechdel Test is “(1) it has two female characters in it who (2) talk to each other about (3) something other than a male character”. For these purposes, I'm just assuming that all the characters are the gender the other characters refer to them as. Granger and Tonks talked to each other on the first two pages, but it was about Harry.) It took this long because almost all conversations so far have included Harry. By comparison, if Harry was female, we wouldn't have passed the reverse test yet (unless you count James and Sirius when they were bullying Snape), and wouldn't pass it until chapter seven, when there will be a flashback where Dumbledore talks to the young Tom Riddle.

Approximate readability: 10.21 (901 characters, 193 words, 10 sentences, 4.67 characters per word, 19.30 words per sentence)