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GRANGER { talking about the Time-Twister }: There is no safe place to store an object that can do this much damage. Even Gringotts can be robbed. I barely trust this magically locked desk, even for a few hours. I'm certainly not going to return it and let them issue it to someone else– the regulations are insufficent to what the research demands.

Granger uses a key to unlock a drawer in a desk, and puts the Time-Twister inside.

TONKS: It's blue-shifted, I hope you haven't been using it–

GRANGER: Not myself, no. Each extant Time-Twister resonates with the others. Somewhere, someone is overusing one. If the damage will be done either way, I might as well use that to my advantage. Join me in the lounge while I stabilize?

They go to the lounge and sit in comfy chairs. Tonks is slightly restless in zir chair; Granger takes a more relaxed but slightly formal posture.

TONKS: About Potter... Not that I'd question your judgment, but why'd you promise not to give him the truth potion?

GRANGER: The truth potion? It makes the subject answer the questions you ask, and no more. I am not such a fool as to believe that I know all the right questions.

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Does Granger make zir choices for moral reasons or for practical ones? When do those overlap, and when do they differ?

Time-Twisters are normally yellow, the color of the band from this page where Voldemort activates one. They're only blue when they're active, which they have been every time we've seen one.

The desk works like Moody's trunk from the books: If you open it with Granger's key, you'll find the drawer with the Time-Twister in it, but if you open it with a different key, you'll find something different. If you open it with the kind of lockpicks you can get from Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes, you'll find a high-tech burglar alarm system. Tonks personally disguised zemself as a Hogwarts student (Fred and George don't usually sell to DMLE agents) and bought a set, it's in order to make sure DMLE security is safe against the current tools available.

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