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Still in Granger's description of the earlier DMLE senior staff meeting.

PAST GRANGER: ...I have already been contacted by a person seeking our protection, who seems like the ideal candidate. You may have heard of Alecto Carrow.

Pius Thicknesse smirks.

THICKNESSE: Oh, I think we all know Alecto Carrow.

PAST GRANGER: Excuse me?

CROUCH: Is Granger unaware of the number of reports we receive from that woman?

Inside a short narrative frame, we see Crouch's opinion of what Alecto Carrow does. One of Alecto's eyes is wide open, and the other is squinted; in general, ze's a caricature of a crazy person. Ze's writing messily on a parchment, and an owl is perched nearby, as if ze's writing a note that will be sent by owl to DMLE.

ALECTO: The bushes are rustling again! It must be a murderer!!

That narrative frame closes.

CROUCH: We simply do not have time to waste on–

PAST GRANGER: I'm sure no one here would mean to imply that the fears of a witch whose brother was recently murdered under similar circumstances are illegitimate. As you know, before his death at Potter's hand, Amycus Carrow was involved in a charity alleged in the Prophet to be a cover for procuring Muggles for torture. Our own investigation seems to clear Alecto of involvement, but the Prophet is now sitting on an article that implicates her as well. I intend to let them publish it, and secretly place Alecto under constant guard.

The narrative frame of Granger describing the DMLE meeting closes.

TONKS: There's one thing that's been bothering me...

GRANGER: Do tell.

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You've actually seen Amycus Carrow before. Ze was the one killed in front of the white steps on this page.

Granger saying “I intend to let them publish it” implies that Granger has the power to stop the Daily Prophet from publishing a story. This is, in fact, true. A high-ranking Ministry official such as Granger can effectively block any story the Prophet wants to print. If Granger's other implication is correct, and Harry is willing to pursue and kill a person based on accusations in the Prophet, then what do you think of the ethics of this? Is it acceptable for you to publish a story, if you know a person is likely to kill based on what it says? Is it acceptable for another person to stop you from publishing it?

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