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Harsh lighting. Tonks leans forward in zir chair as if looking at something in the distance.

TONKS: What if he's right? We know he's a powerful Legilimens– if he really knows who's guilty, what does that make us? Are we just protecting torturers?

GRANGER: Ah. That question. {pause} I could list for you the people whom Potter has killed without giving any reasons: the Slytherin students; Gilderoy Lockhart; Sirius Black; Arnold Peasegood–


GRANGER: –He worked for the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad as an Obliviator... Does that answer satisfy you?

TONKS: I guess it does...

Granger stands over Tonks in a slightly intimidating way.

GRANGER: It shouldn't. You knew most of that already, and you still had a question. You should trust yourself that the question is worth asking, because when you find your answer, you'll be a better Auror and a stronger person, but if you always let the complications make you delay answering, you won't.

Granger pulls back a sleeve to reveal a wristwatch.

GRANGER: Ah, excuse me. The time.

Granger starts to leave for the DMLE meeting.

TONKS: Maybe they'll show more respect now that your plan caught Harry Potter.

GRANGER: I suppose that is possible.

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Did Granger just dodge a question? What exactly is ze doing here?

Granger has a magical wristwatch that shows both zir own personal time and Ministry Common Time. The latter is unreliable while ze's using the Time-Twister, but it syncs up after a few minutes outside its effects.

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