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In the present DMLE senior staff meeting.

BONES: We will begin today's meeting with the Auror Office report. Granger?

GRANGER: Thank you, Madam Bones. I received John Dawlish's distress call at 21:40 {9:40 PM} on Monday, his shift guarding Carrow. Naturally, I gathered the Aurors on call and Apparated to an adjoining room at once.

We enter a narrative frame in which Granger describes past events.

Granger, Shacklebolt, and Tonks are standing in the Auror Office lounge. They Apparate from there to a different room, where there is a doorway. Voices are heard from the next room.

ALECTO {not yet visible}: Please don't hurt him, I don't want more trouble–

HARRY {not yet visible}: This isn't about you, Carrow, it's about the people he'll–

Harry, Alecto, and three others come into view through the door.

GRANGER: Stun, then shield. Aim high.

The next room is furnished with a candelabra and a writing desk. The desk has a parchment and quill pen on it, but the inkwell has been knocked over and spilled across the page. Near the desk, Harry is standing over John Dawlish, who is wearing a trench coat identical to the one Granger wears, and bleeding from the shoulder. Harry is pointing zir wand at Dawlish, who is desperately trying to defend zemself.

HARRY: Sectumse– { The beginning of "sectumsempra", the incantation for a curse that causes severe cuts on the victim's body. }

DAWLISH: Prote– { The beginning of "protego", the incantation for the Shield Charm. }

Luna and a silhouetted figure stand nearby, wands out. Near Dawlish, Alecto Carrow is sitting on the floor, with one wrist chained to a leg of the desk behind zem. Ze has zir eyes closed tight.

ALECTO: Please, no! No, no, no–

SHACKLEBOLT, GRANGER, AND TONKS: Stupefy! { The incantation of the Stunning Spell. }

Jets of red light shoot everywhere. The candelabra breaks and falls. Harry gets hit in the back of the head and crumples to the floor. Luna appears to get hit in the face, but be unaffected.


GRANGER: Aegidivitrea! { A non-canon spell; loosely, Latin for "glass shield". }

Following the stunners, the three Aurors approach, surrounded by a huge, round shield made of blue-green glass, plus the regular "Protego" shields.

LUNA: Oh, hello, Hermione!

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I've waited a long time for Granger to get into a situation where ze wants to use that spell!

In the books, they say that the Killing Curse is unblockable. Presumably, what that means is that the Killing Curse is too powerful to be blocked by magical shields. Literally speaking, it gets blocked by various things, including a phoenix, an animated stone statue, and the power of love. Granger doesn't like relying on lucky circumstances, so ze decided to develop a spell that could block the Killing Curse reliably. In Voldemort's Children, love can't block curses, so ze had to stick to using a physical object.

So, Granger invented “Aegidivitrea”, the Glass Shield Charm (ze's very practical about naming things). It conjures a thick shield of glass around the caster and anyone else the caster wishes to protect, and continuously keeps the glass hovering in the air. Since it's a solid object, almost all curses will bounce off of it. The easiest way to attack the shield is with a spell like the Blasting Curse ("Confringo"), but those spells can be blocked normally. When coupled with the regular Shield Charm, as the three Aurors are doing here, it's very hard to attack.

The main catch is that conjuration is permanent in this universe. It's easy to make the glass disappear again, but if you become incapacitated somehow and can't do that, there's a ton of unsupported glass ready to fall down on top of you. So the Aurors only use the spell when they are travelling in groups of two or more, so that they can cover for each other. And fighting in groups is the ideal way for Aurors to operate in any case.

(You might think there's another weakness in that the shield blocks spells you cast from the inside just as much as it blocks spells your opponents cast from the outside, but it's easy to create little holes in the shield to cast spells from, while your opponents will have a very hard time hitting those holes accurately.)

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