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GRANGER: I will leave on my errand in, perhaps, a few hours. Meanwhile, let us make the most of the time when Potter is in our custody, rather than the courts'.

TONKS: So, what's your errand?

GRANGER: Whether it succeeds or fails, you will learn this evening.

TONKS: Okay... { pause } You're still worrying about the business with Dawlish, aren't you.

Granger and Tonks are descending the huge spiral stairs to where Harry is kept; as usual, Tonks walks and Granger flies. They are dwarfed by the staircase. It takes Granger a while to respond.

GRANGER: ...Yes. I have warned him before. That only means that I could have anticipated this. The wrist will heal with the right magic, and I will maneuver Dawlish off the force; all will be repaired, and yet... I cannot escape responsibility for what was done to Alecto, because it was I who gave the order for him to guard her. Perhaps she would have died if I had not. Does that make it right?

Granger approaches a door at the bottom of the stairs and reaches for the handle.

GRANGER: My mind turns to the story of Lily Evans, and how a person may do a thing not because it is right, but because she has to.

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Thus ends Chapter Four, “The Daily Struggle for Dignity”.

Tonks has known Granger since Auror training, so ze has a good intuition for what Granger is thinking.

Granger will probably convince Dawlish to accept a cushy retirement as a hero. Granger has the ability to fire Dawlish, but Dawlish is respected by a lot of people, so that would create a spectacle that would be very costly for Granger (in time, effort, and reputation). This would not be entirely bad, because it would show the world that Granger intends to follow zir principles even when it is not convenient for zem, but it might not be the best use of Granger's resources.

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