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A metaphorical image: Voldemort's two hands, at a huge scale, loom into the page from the left and right. Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, at a much smaller scale (their entire bodies are barely bigger than Voldemort's hands) dangle from them; Voldemort is lifting them by the backs of the necks of their robes, strangling them. Their faces are reddened. Harry is in zir usual student robes, but Draco is in a white robe. As usual, Harry's body is significantly bulkier and rougher-looking than Draco's. Both of them have all body parts except their heads concealed in the robes, making them look a bit like cocoons. Both of them are staring into space; they have fairly neutral expressions, and aren't looking at each other or away from each other, as if each is alone in space. Harry doesn't have zir glasses on.

At the bottom is the chapter title:

In The Houses Of His Fathers

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Who is the main character of Voldemort's Children? Is it Granger, who is our eyes and ears in this world? Is it Harry, whose struggle is at the center of the narrative? Or is it the inscrutable Lord Voldemort, whose influence seems to reach into every corner?

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