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Granger is speaking to Harry in the interrogation cell.

GRANGER: This morning, you were telling us about your third year. You must have met Sirius Black that year, after he was released.

The word "released" opens into a narrative frame with one image in it, of Sirius being released from Azkaban. In front of Sirius, a junior Auror is carrying two broomsticks, and offering one to Sirius. Behind zem, two Dementors are standing near a barred gateway. The Dementors wear dark cloaks, but glow with pale light, and only blackness can be seen under their hoods. The glow also covers part of Sirius. Sirius's face shows no emotion.

GRANGER: We had hoped he could take care of you.

HARRY: It was not Sirius who would take care of anyone that year. But I did meet him.

We enter a narrative frame in which Harry describes past events. In the narrative frame, Harry is being escorted by the same junior Auror; they are on the driveway leading up to the door of a house. There are two windows alongside the door, but they are dark; there is nothing to indicate that the house is inhabited.

PRESENT HARRY: One of your people took me to the house where he was being kept.

Harry is silhouetted in the door for a moment as ze enters the house. Then ze's inside, looking uncertainly into the darkness.

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The Auror escort is because the location of that house is secret. Only a few people are allowed to visit without Sirius explicitly asking for them. This isn't standard practice, but lots of people on both sides might still be interested in getting revenge on Sirius, based on what they believe ze did or didn't do.

The Aurors weren't literally “your [Granger's] people” at the time, but the phrase still works. It's also possible that Harry is using “your people” to mean people in authority in general, as Granger has been on that track almost since the day ze arrived in the magical world.

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