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PRESENT HARRY: Malfoy was still reluctant at first...

An image of Draco looking pained.

DRACO: They were my friends... I'm not sure I can do this...

PRESENT HARRY: But he was still living with them at Hogwarts... And in the coming weeks, as the idea sank in...

An image of Draco in a rage.

DRACO: I hate the way they talk, I hate the way they move, I want to kill them all with my bare hands

PRESENT HARRY: And finally...

An image of Draco looking resolute.

DRACO: I'm ready.

In the tent, Harry, Draco, and Luna sit around a map of Hogwarts.

DRACO: This is the plan: I invite them each, in secret, to a dungeon room with only one exit. They will come; I can ensure this. No one else will know until morning... No one else will have to die...

LUNA: What about Dumbledore? He knows everything that happens in the castle. And he never sleeps!

PAST HARRY: I know his mind. I will send him an owl, in my own name. He will meet me in his office, assuming I am seeking redemption... He will not contact the Ministry, or suspect that it is a distraction, a trap, until it is too late.

LUNA: Isn't that a bit unreliabl–

PAST HARRY: It is what I will do.

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Harry and Luna have left Hogwarts to go on their mission. Draco is helping them while living a double life as an innocent student.

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