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PRESENT HARRY: With our plans in order, we waited... and finally the night we'd chosen arrived...

Past Harry, Draco, and Luna stand in the moonlight. The gibbous moon is glowing brightly behind the word "order" of present Harry's line. Luna casts zir zigzag transportation spell, and a bright zigzag fills the page.

PRESENT HARRY: Luna took me to the door of Dumbledore's office, and there we parted ways... They to the room where the slaughter would take place... and I to keep an oath I had once sworn to myself...

The edge of the narrative frame we're in starts to split the right side of the page from the left side. On the right side of the page, Harry arrives in front of Dumbledore's door. On the left side of the page, Draco and Luna arrive in front of a grey door. In between, there's a sliver of a view of present Harry in the interrogation cell.

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The Slytherin font is finished – just in time for this page, which, ironically, is the only remaining page of this chapter that won't use it.

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