Projects update 2017-03-01

Approximate readability: 5.11 (628 characters, 150 words, 11 sentences, 4.19 characters per word, 13.64 words per sentence)

I'm almost finished writing the first chapter of Ravelling Wrath, and I've written part of the second chapter as well. With any luck, I'll be able to post Chapter 1 next week.

The illustrations are a bit of a problem. My hands aren't up to doing that much drawing yet. But since I don't know when they'll be ready, I don't want to stall posting the written part. I think I might post it with just sketches instead of the finished drawings. I can come back and replace them with the finished versions later, and in the meantime, it'll be better than nothing.

Also! My sibling and I have been making a silly game called Portaltron. It's like the classic arcade game Tron, but the paths you leave behind are rows of the portals from Portal. I don't have a good guess about if/when we'll finish it, though.

– Eli