Recommended website: Riot Nrrd

Image: A panel of a comic. Some interesting people stand around; one says, 'So, do you like, gender and stuff?'

That's a panel from Riot Nrrd, a wonderful webcomic.

I think Riot Nrrd was one of the things that helped inspire me to make this website when I did. If you read it, you'll certainly notice some similarities between its style of talking about social issues and mine. (Heck, the first strip opens with one of the characters ranting about portrayals of minority characters in popular media!) I'd say it's a great example of how a highly accessible1 (and enjoyable) format like a serial webcomic can be used to promote good ideas about gender and stuff.

(You might also guess that its drawing style inspired the style I used in People Are Wrong Sometimes, but then you'd be wrong, since I hadn't found Riot Nrrd when I wrote that. But I would totally have been inspired by it if I had!)

Oh and also, it's hilarious!

I recommend Riot Nrrd without reservation. The first page is here. At the time of this writing, it's about 120 pages long, so it's a relatively quick read compared to the 1000+ page webcomics that you can find elsewhere on the Internet.

– Eli

  1. Not perfectly, of course. You can't read a webcomic if you're blind, for instance. But most humans find it easy to take information from visual images, and a prudent webcomic author will provide a text transcript for those who are vision-impaired. back
Approximate readability: 7.97 (1040 characters, 232 words, 14 sentences, 4.48 characters per word, 16.57 words per sentence)