Projects update 2018-04-11

I've dived into a new project this last week! I'm making a webpage for making sound effects, inspired by Bfxr. This will be useful for game jammers, who make small games quickly and don't have time for a more in-depth sound design process. It'll be especially convenient because it's a webpage that doesn't require download. (Bfxr used to have this advantage, but it's written in Flash. Flash is old, insecure, and often not supported by modern browsers.)

Since I started this project, my mental health has been a lot better! Before this, even though I was getting some work done, I mostly had to convince myself to do it. Now, I'm having a lot more days where I genuinely take an interest in my work. I'm not completely back to normal, but I feel way closer to normal than I have for months.

I'm also making steady progress on Chapter 5 of Ravelling Wrath. It's now 6200 words.

– Eli

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