Some things

(This post is basically just a list of things. I could have written about each of these things individually, but I'm having some health issues right now, and so I don't have the time-and-energy to write nicely about all of them.)

This weekend, I participated in the Colby-Bates-Bowdoin1 Festival of Live Performance and Digital Media! That was a weekend-long event where three groups of six students each developed a 5-10 minute theatrical/dance performance that incorporated cameras, projectors, sound effects, and such stuff, all controlled through computer input. It was pretty awesome, and I hope I'll be able to work with some of this equipment more in the future. The faculty in charge made video recordings of all three performances; if they have time, and can get permission from all the right people, then I might be able to show you them.

I recently found a really nice interview with a person who's studying addiction, brain development, and mental illness. It's the first interview on this page, and it's 14 minutes long. A transcript is available. (I don't recommend the other two interviews in the video, but I couldn't find anywhere that the first interview was shown on its own.)

What happened with my seeking-another-course-to-take is this: The English department waived my English Composition requirement, so I don't have to take any version of that class. Then I didn't find another class to take, so I'm now taking three classes2 instead of the usual four. That's actually kinda nice, because it gives me more time to do other things, like my comics.

I'm still planning to post my novella as soon as I can, but my current health issue is making me too distracted to work. (Don't worry, it's temporary, but it's awfully annoying while it's here.) Ditto for posting comics on my regular schedule – we'll see how things are going by Saturday.

– Eli

  1. Those are names of colleges. I attend Colby College. back
  2. Well, two classes and an independent study. back
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