Projects update 2017-10-18

This week's been a busy week. For one thing, I've all-but-completed Chapter 3 of Ravelling Wrath! I almost decided to rush it out to post today, but I figured I should get someone to proofread it first. But it's very likely I can have it ready by next week.

For another, I've kept working on my music stuff! I can't explain all of it, but I did make some neat procedurally-generated music that I can show you. I initially made a 30 second clip of it, but a friend asked me to generate a one-hour version because it sounded relaxing, so one hour it is! It's generated by an algorithm that picks random pitches, then tweaks them until they sound consonant according to the odd limit concept.

I also worked on drawing Voldemort's Children a bit yesterday! I've had a lot of false starts in the past, so we'll have to see how it goes. This time, I think I've discovered that my idea of holding the stylus lightly was actually an anti-pattern. Gripping it less hard gave me less control over it, which meant I ultimately used my muscles more to do the same amount of drawing.

– Eli

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