Projects update 2017-06-07

My hands are doing much better than they were a month ago! I've been able to do lots of things that I couldn't do for a while. I've been bicycling, I've been using scissors, I've been typing somewhat more, and lots of other stuff. Unfortunately, drawing is still being troublesome for me. I can currently draw for about 10 minutes at a time without problems, but I want to do much more than that. I might get there soon, but I might not.

My throat is also doing better. I think the problem was mostly allergies. I've been taking allergy meds and using air purifiers, and my throat's doing a lot better now, although it's not perfect. I even built an air-filter-on-a-hose to deliver filtered air straight to my face:

[Photo: Me with an air hose coming from out of the picture and connecting to a box that sits just below my chin]

I might eventually write up a full description of this device, the way I did with my carrying contraption.

Today, I've been working on a web version of [NSFW] Hexy Bondage! The idea is that people will be able to play together on one computer/smartphone/tablet, rather than having to print it out. I have a complete prototype, but I still have a lot of polishing to do before I'm ready to publish it. (That said, the prototype is already available on the secret page for my Patreon supporters!)

Also, Chapter 3 of Ravelling Wrath currently stands at about 3000 words. I'm guessing it'll be about 8000 words when it's done, like Chapter 2 is.

– Eli

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