Projects update 2018-01-17

A few days ago, I got nostalgic about a couple of old strategy games that I played many years ago. This got me excited about game design again! So I went ahead and made this simple prototype of a real-time strategy game. There's no actual controls yet (you just watch the game spawn little dots that shoot at each other), but hey.

I'm doing loads better on the mental health side, too! I've been consistently close to a fairly normal level of motivation to do the stuff I want to do. I'm especially hoping to break my long stall on Ravelling Wrath – I actually expect to get back to work on it within the next few days.

For the computer programmers among you, the game linked above is written using TimeSteward, my game/simulation library. It also has a git repository here, and it uses the Rust stdweb library – it's written mainly in Rust and then compiled to the web, with small bits of JavaScript embedded in the Rust code. This makes it much more convenient for me to write games for the web, since it lets me write the main game in Rust (my favorite programming language) without having to make a clunky compatibility layer. Finding a way to do this has been one of my long-term goals. It should help me finally make a bigger collection of games to put on my games page.

– Eli

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