Projects update 2017-03-29

The second chapter of Ravelling Wrath now stands at 7100 words, almost twice as long as the first one. I'll probably split it in two. However, because I've been writing it out-of-order, the first half isn't finished yet either. And once I finish it, I will still have to do some website work. (Right now, I don't have a real system for stories with multiple chapters.) I could theoretically have a chapter ready by next week, but my best guess is more like two or three weeks.

My other projects are still stalled. The current phase in the Saga Of Eli Dupree's Hand Problems is expected to take another month or so. They are currently at a point where they sometimes feel good enough to do a bunch of computer work, but I have to stop myself because they're not actually ready for that much.

– Eli

Approximate readability: 6.62 (623 characters, 148 words, 9 sentences, 4.21 characters per word, 16.44 words per sentence)