Recommended website: Fugitivus

So, there's a blog. A feminist blog. On the Internet. And it's really good. If you like feminism, you should probably read it. If you dislike feminism, you should definitely read it.

Its name is Fugitivus.

The writing at Fugitivus informs a lot of the way I think about interpersonal abuse. Which means it informs a lot of the way I think about how people interact with each other in general, because I think there's a lot of subtle abusive behaviors in almost every interaction between two or more people. (For that matter, there's a lot of subtle abusive behaviors in most people's interactions with themselves.) A year and a half ago, I read essentially the entire blog archive, and it has seriously changed how I think about other humans, especially in relation to gender (it is a feminist blog, after all). Harriet J, the author, has good ideas, and ze is a really, really good writer.1

I recommend Fugitivus without reservation. However, since it contains a lot of discussion about rape and abuse, you might not want to read it at a time when you're going to need to feel good about the world in the near future.

Fugitivus is at (surprise!) UPDATE: is dead now. An older version of the blog, with most of the posts still visible, still exists at The “Top Posts” in the right sidebar are a good place to start.

– Eli

  1. For me, at least. Different kinds of writing appeal to different people, and it would be foolish to say that there's a single standard for “good writing”. That said, there are a lot of things I think Harriet J does well – ze gets to the point, has a clear flow from idea to idea... but instead of writing you an extensive footnote about these nuances, I invite you to just go and read zir blog. back
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